Imitated caviar
Europrom offers wide range of brands of imitated caviar among which you can find a product to your taste.
Caviar analogue identical to real caviar.
Each egg bursts like a real one.
Imitated caviar is produced on the basis of healthy seaweed extracts.
Ideal for making sandwiches, snacks and decorating dishes.
Not only delicious, but also a low-calorie product.

Some brands of imitated caviar are made on the basis
of fish oil and fish broth.
Vegan caviar brand does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Taste profile:
  • Red caviar
  • Black caviar
  • Pike caviar
  • Masago
  • Vegan
  • Glass jar, twist-off / tin can
  • 400 g/ 220 g /120 g
  • 8/12/6/12 months
  • 0+5°С